Writer Callout for Asian-American Authors and Artists: Missoula, Montana

My college friend Susannah has issued a writer callout for Our Written Voices, a poetry and prose project created to highlight the talents of writers and artists in the Missoula, Mont., area.

In a post to Facebook, she writes, “For this event, we are inviting those who are from or have a connection to Central and Southwest Asia to submit poetry and prose.

“For this event and all subsequent events, you may also submit drawings and photography to be shown along with your reading. We invite artists to work as teams. We encourage writers to work with photographers, composers, musicians, visual artists, choreographers, and other artists to create pieces. We will come together in a spirit of peace, unity, and respect. Our Written Voices must be heard.”

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Our Written Voices is to present its completed series at the independent bookstore Shakespeare and Co. on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017, for the International Day of Peace.

Got a writer callout for southwestern Montana or the Rocky Mountain region? Share it with me to be considered for future posts.


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