Writing by Kate W

This is by no means a comprehensive list of places to find freelance writing jobs, but all of the pages I have listed below are reputable and free. There are certain others I have deliberately chosen not to include, either because they are only partially free, or because I’ve spent lots of time checking them out and they don’t meet my definition of quality, paying work. We’ll discuss some of these, and the pros and cons of paid and spec writing sites, in later posts.

Association of Magazine Media (Magazine Publishers of America)

Posts internships and employment listings in its online job bank. Also allows writers to post their resumes in hopes of attracting an offer.


Crazy but true: Lots of legitimate people still advertise for help on this free classifieds site, so you might as well check it out now and then. It’s also easy to post an ad listing your services. Select your country and nearest city to get started.

Journalism Jobs

I found my last media job here and check this one religiously. Search by keyword, select all, or choose freelance listings only to narrow your hunt.


The rules are pretty simple and the pay looks decent, at least for beginners.

Media Bistro

Search the job listings, or create a writer profile and post in the freelance marketplace.

Morning Coffee

Weekly list of writing opportunities. Published on Tuesdays.

Poynter Online

This site is all about grooming media professionals, so you’ll have better luck if you’re looking for a serious commitment, but you’ll find the occasional freelance gig here too. Also allows resume posting.


THE place for serious paid blogging work, but jobs are limited and fill up fast.

Work At Home Moms

Geared toward women who want to work from home, this site posts some freelance and media gems. Updates regularly and allows keyword and location searches.

Writers Weekly

Visit the home page for the current issue, and scroll through the contents page till you reach the “Paying Markets and Jobs For (Date)” link. Click that for an updated list of writing job listings.

Do you know a good, free place to look for quality freelance writing jobs? Share it with us!