Spring Cleaning the Home Office, Part 1

Now that the tax season rush is mostly over, Project Locate My Office Floor is commencing. Neatnik, I am not, but at some point, I am going to have to get to my chair. Employees like to get paid, as it turns out, so  I really must unbury my checkbook before they show up with pitchforks and moldy tomatoes.

Maintaining a functional workspace is one of those annoying but necessary chores that, for easily bored people like me, requires gearing up every so often, preferably armed with loud music and a boost of sugary caffeine. Spring cleaning the home office enables me to get a fresh start on the new tax year as I finally put last year’s sky-high stacks of receipts and forms to bed.

As highly as I recommend regularly dosing your keyboard with compressed air and de-germing every visible surface with those little alcohol wipes, today’s post is for the rest of us, the busy, creative clutterbugs currently plopped in the center of about a square foot of bare floor space, wishing we could be doing anything else. Seriously, I’d even reconsider my stance on skydiving right now, and I hate plummeting to my doom and crunching all my bones up into human soup. But, no, we’ve got to do this organizational crap, and I know it sucks, but bear with me for a little while.

Step 1: Load the dishwasher
Quit looking at me like that! Get your dishes off the counter, throw a load of laundry in the machine, or feed the dog. The goal is to hide at least some of the other clutter in your house and get at least one quick, simple chore that mostly does itself out of the way. Also, hungry dogs are hugely distracting. You won’t be able to use your messy kitchen or your laundry stacks as an excuse to get out of cleaning the office if you’ve already started tackling those things, and seeing one newly clean surface helps get you into the proper cleaning mode.

Step 2: Make coffee
You can have tea, if that is your thing. Cocoa is also acceptable. Basically, any sort of drink that you routinely enjoy that gets you energized and excited about your day is what you want here.  Sip slowly and happily for at least five to 10 minutes. No chugging. This isn’t a frat house, although it might look like one.

Step 3: Pick your soundtrack
No sitting for hours creating playlists. I’m on to you. Turn on the radio, find your favorite channel. Stay off YouTube and quit pretending you’re searching for music videos; watching adorable kittens isn’t going to get your office any cleaner.

What will? Find out next week when we continue with Part 2. Happy scrubbing!


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