Writers Wednesday: Work, Interrrupted

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Sometimes, life interferes with getting anything written down.

I spent this week battling a bug, dealing with late-season garden produce, scrubbing and repainting a bathroom in the midst of an ongoing flooring overhaul, accompanying my partner to review a prospective job site out of town, and catching up on some of my usual office tasks. While our fire crew successfully demobilized and the affected employees have gone back to their regular assignments, a series of work-related issues on my spouse’s end meant his schedule has been turned completely upside down as well. He’s been home a lot more than usual. Our sleep schedules are completely goofed up; we were up drinking tea and watching cartoons by 3:30 a.m. today before finally crashing for a couple blessed hours of actual rest.

In short, I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been editing. I haven’t been especially perky or fast-moving lately, thanks to the evil crud that tried to take me out for a few days. My workspace, never the neatest, could be nomin

ated for a Hoarders episode. We’ve had to get creative with the shower schedule to accommodate drywall repairs and wet paint. I’ve hardly been sleeping, yet I feel like I have surprisingly little to show for it all. (This feeling may be slightly illogical, considering that my downstairs bathroom was a completely different color last weekend.)

These things happen. A week (or two, or three!) of workplace chaos will not stop you from reaching your writing goals unless you let it. So, hit the pause button. Deal with whatever is bothering you. Snatch some quick rest. And then, get back to it.


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